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Denim Shirt on Denim Skirt

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Some call it the Canadian tuxedo fashionistas call it a classic denim on denim trend.Double denim is so effortless yet there are so details to update your effortless look. I enjoy adding nudes with my denim on denim look. I love outfits that you can easily upgrade it for day to night. You run all your errands in it during the day but by night you can play it up just with a few accessories.

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Here are a few tips to update your denim combo. Wear different shades of blue. Incorporate different trends as well as a pop of color. Make sure you contrast with different washes and shades. Avoid wearing pieces that are the same exact wash.This would make you look too matchy-matchy.Try to wear darker denim jeans and a lighter wash on top.Mix up a variety of textures with distress denim.Distress denim can look great with many outfits,  you don’t want to look matchy as I stated before so adding rips and frays to help mix p the textures and contrast as well.

Love you all have a blessed day!
2 Responses
  • Adrian Morrison
    04 . 28 . 2017

    This is dope..great blog!!?

    • Ashley
      04 . 28 . 2017

      Thank you!