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Zapisz Zapisz

How To Make Your Flur Shoes

I am a fashionista on a dime. I love to look good, but when you can look good without breaking the bank that’s a plus for me. So here is another D.I.Y tutorial on how to make your very own flur shoes with out spending $ 100.00 or more.                            

   The things you’ll need for this d.i.y

Craft glue
Feather scarf
Heel sandals




First measure your scarf against  the width of the shoe. Then  proceed to cut the scarf .


Then place a small amount of glue of your choice, as along as it is strong enough hold fabric on the top of the shoe. Press the fur down onto the shoe. Set the shoes to dry. Bam you’re done and now you can slay the day away!



Love you all have a blessed day!